First day in my boat!

Man what a day I finally got my own boat on Lake of the Ozarks!! I went out with my buddy Dustin on a beautiful fall day down by the dam. My boat had no electronics on it and I barely had any tackle in it. I only had one rod on the deck and one thing in mind that I wanted to do…skip and flip behind boat docks.

Omega Jig

I tied on a 7/8oz brown rubber jig and super glued a beaver on it, we were ready! We randomly picked out some coves and we started catching fish quickly. Immediately I knew we were on the best pattern in the lake when the fish slowly but surely start getting bigger and bigger. This pattern is tricky because there are a million boat docks so how do you choose which ones are best? We pinpointed which ones were best. It was the first few pockets going into a creek. We flat out smashed em. We got a little lucky being that we didn’t have electronics, limited tackle, the fish were biting. But that’s the point you don’t need a million baits and state of the art electronics to catch a fish.

Fish Location

The location of the fish is the single most important factor. Looking back the whole key to this pattern was stealth and accuracy. Very precise pitches, very very quietly. Glide in silently behind a dock. We weren’t banging the baits off metal bars, we were very quiet. The other key was long skips under the cables. Another key was it was a reaction bite.

Not a lot of people skip or flip an almost 1oz jig behind a dock in less than 8ft of water. If you want to be successful on Lake of the Ozarks first thing is first, master your casting, skipping and pitching. Being stealthy is imperative the lake is so pressured the fish are like weary cats but you can get them to react and before they even know what happened to them they are in your boat!!

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