Best largemouth bass fishing day ever on Lake of the Ozarks!

It was hot, it was August. When it’s hot it can get tough but not this trip, this was the trip of a lifetime!

So when it’s super hot water temps, super hot air temps you have a few choices but the best choice for increasing your odds is current and they so happened to have the flood gates open! You cannot have more current flowing through the lake unless the dam literally collapsed. So that’s right where we started in the current fishing deep around 35ft.

We tied on our biggest jigs we had, let them sink 35ft and stroked them up as fast as we could. Bam! 5lber, 4lber, 5lber…we smashed em the fish didn’t know what hit em. My best 5 was 20 plus, my buddy Dustin had 20 plus pounds.

The graph was loaded. You know how side scan has that blue color or whatever color you choose well the screen looked white, literally the entire screen was white there were so many fish on this 100 yard stretch ledge.

We said ok lets try to duplicate this on another ledge so we went to another one, no fish. Then we went to another and no bites. We were shaking our heads hmmmm….we went to yet another ledge and no bites and the graph looked like a barren wasteland…nothing. Ok lets go back to where we caught them we all know the saying…well we went right back to catching!! The graph was absolutely loaded with fish we both upgraded but Dustin really upgraded! He caught one over 7lbs and had a bunch of 5 plus pounders togo with that.

We stayed there the rest of the day I ended with about 24pounds and my buddy Dustin ended with at least 28lbs maybe more I’m pretty conservative with my fish guesstimates. What a day though it was one to never forget especially in August at Lake of the Ozarks!

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