Crappie are done spawning and we have been catching them trolling quite a bit this year. Strike king 3xd and bandit 2-300 crank baits work well. Colors really aren’t that important, finding the fish is the important part. Focus in the big creeks and main lake. If you have electronics I would idle around until you see a lot of bait fish and lots of blobs of fish on the graph. Deep water is where you want to focus your efforts. 30-100ft deep. They like to hang out over the channel just like the bait fish. Jigs are working too now in deep water. Deep docks. Scan the docks to make sure you see some fish there. Baby shad bobby garland are my favorite and tube jigs.


Bass fishing has been incredible. The heavy generation all year from the flooding has them schooled up big time. I’ve been going around graphing mega schools. They are around points in 15-25ft and the current most days has them positioned on the bottom. So good baits would be deep crank baits, football jigs, drop shots, swim baits, big worms. They aren’t on every point, so you have to spend some time to find them. I use my electronics a lot.

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