Summertime crappie fishing can be awesome and so much fun. You can load the boat if you find them. The most important piece of the equation you have to figure out is the depth the crappie are using. I’m talking deep fishing here so this is more July-August type fishing. Electronics help to give you an idea but to really pinpoint them and start loading the boat I like to count my jig down and vertically jig for them. Since your most likely fishing 20+ feet deep it’s not a big deal getting on top of them. Figure out the fall rate for your jig, let the jig fall 7ft and count and you have your fall rate, usually around 3-4 seconds for 7ft so a 15 sec count will be around 35ft deep. You have to experiment with the depths they could be deeper they could be shallower every day is different. Once you key in that depth in the summertime its game on. To recap the most important part of the equation is to figure out the depth the fish are at which is part of the location of the fish. Focus on that way more than the color of the bait, the bait, etc… and you will definitely catch plenty of crappie in the summer especially. Deep brush, deep trees, deep docks keep it simple and have fun!

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