Big bass bash tactics

Here’s some tips on how to weigh in the winning fish for the 2019 Spring Big Bass Bash at Lake of the Ozarks. What I like to do is fish behind the docks. The bigger fish seem to spawn behind the docks. Most people don’t like to fish behind the docks and for good reason. It scratches your boat up, you need to make quiet presentations, good pitches and good skips. It can be rewarding though and the more you practice it the better you will get.

Baits to use

I would throw a little jig behind them on 15-17lb fluorocarbon with a LEW’S lite speed spool reel and LEW’S custom pro speed stick rod. I would also throw a wacky rigged senko behind them rigged on a LEW’S custom pro speed spin and custom pro spinning rod 15lb braid to 12-15lb fluro or mono leader. Here’s a tip try to buy the real senkos they are pricey but they are the best hands down. The real Yamamotos are my wifes favor bait and she catches biggins fishing very slow. Another good tip is to have a very long extendable net when your dealing with cables behind docks so you can snatch the fish up as quickly as possible. If you get a big one on just keep pressure on him keep your composure and don’t horse the fish in use that long extendable net to your advantage.

We’ve had a full moon, the bass are starting to spawn, the crappie are spawning, it’s time to get behind the docks. The lake is rising a bit and by next weekend should be up even more. The best docks are in the creeks, around the gravel, and ones that have some wood behind them. Be stealthy, turn off your electronics, glide in and make a few quiet pitches in there. Hope this helps its one tactic that will work best of luck to everyone fishing the bash hope we see an 8lber this spring!

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